MR - Connector
Finger Block for jewsharp players : techno and traditionnal

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Main Relax for jewsharp players

Focused on your breath and the rhythms... Watch the news to listening and explore all your vibes.

Présentation of jewsharp connector name is Main Relax

This jewsharp connector develop finger block for electro techno and tranditional jewsharp players.

MR (Main Relax) esear hold of jewsharp and hand used with inch and major to block vibration, modulations makes, rythmic, interrupt, tapping. This object is make to player for a long time and be relax, focused on your breath and the rhythms.
For biginers and masters.
Three size possible on demande : 3 > 5 millimètres; 4 à 7 millimètres; 6 à 9 millimètres.
Available for right hand and left hand on demande.

Discover hand relax MR in vidéo and music

Accessory : Hold microphone for jewsharp with MainRelax

Free download and 3D printing it. More possibility on demands.
I hope to impressive you again with other innovation for sounds of jewsharp soon.

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First serie of MR is now collector. Thank you very much. Web site selling new version with lot of jewsharp world choice.

1 jewsharp + 1 Main Relax :) go on website GUIMBARDES with un S.

More thickness of MR for jewsharp :

  • - between 2 et 4 milimetre,
  • - between 3 et 6 milimetre,
  • - and between 4 et 8 milimetre.

For advice and buy more pieces or specificity contact me by email.

If you want to sell only MR you can have option here

You take jewsharp with hand :

Material: leather, tightening, comfort adapted to beginners and confirmed